If it Fits like a Glove … BUY IT

One of my first authentic vintage adventures was the Toronto Vintage Fashion show that comes to town semi annually. Countless vendors, beautiful finds, and even Toronto Vintage Society (TVS) booth where I learned vintage go-ers are alive and well in the Toronto area.

This set was a fantastic find from that day many many months ago.

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Christmas goodies

Mama’s always taught me to wear my new things to church first. This (very late) Christmas was no exception. Celebrating with the orthodox calendar, the night leading to January 7th entails a midnight mass. img 043bStepping out of vintage fashion and into designer goods this holiday, see what I wore inside. Continue reading

The Worst Blogger Ever Award Goes To…


Forgive me for being awful at maintaining my site and updates this past year. I really don’t have any excuses. A lack of motivation, mixed with super busyness and an attempt to avoid wasting valuable study time on the internet kept me away from my laptop and Putting on the Ritzz lately. With a couple nudges from friends and fellow bloggers, I am hoping to start off another year on here.

What better way to do it then with my new years outfit?


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One Year!

Apparently, my blog was started a year ago! Sadly, I’ve been to caught up to even realise, let alone stay up to date.

The pictures in this post are from a Sorority dinner we hold at the beginning of each semester. The food wasn’t anything special but the company made up for it. Many sisters came out as did our new pledges for the semester, accepting their bid.

Sept 126

This is only about one third of the table but you get the point.

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St. Lawrence Market

Work has been kind to me lately, and I’ve been having Sunday’s off more often. I love when this happens! I get to go downtown to a church I truly enjoy going to, with a great community and service. Then I get to explore a thing or two, or have lunch with friends afterwards.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis particular week, I ventured over to St Lawrence Market where on Sundays the food market is shut down and vintage vendors take over.

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The other night after work, my best friend, her sister and I went downtown to enjoy one of the last few warm nights we’ll have left this summer.  Image

Bloggers Unite!

Many many weeks ago (cuz dear ol’ Ritzz has been quite backed up with posts), I was invited to a Toronto Blogger get-together and seminar by the lovely Brenda from SkinnyBish. A pot luck event, Brenda took the time to set an schedule to teach and motivate new and upcoming bloggers in the blogosphere. I definitely learned a few new tricks to use!


Some of the incredibly talented and well dressed ladies I met.

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