Thigh highs and button downs

A short post for a short day!

I had lunch with Dibi and then met Gabby in the library where she fixed my camera and took these great pics.

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Lazy day

Friday is usually my lazy day. Can you believe it? I’m not a fan of pants, but you’ll usually see me in pant-like clothing on Fridays. My day starts early, and I have class and tutorials from 9am till about 4pm – all of them statistics! My backpack heavy with a textbook, and the long walk across the street just makes me want to stay in bed when my alarm goes off at 6:44am.

Last Friday was no exception.

Yea…This is my idea of lazy. I didn’t want to wet my curls, so I wrapped one of my mom’s vintage silk scarves from Europe around my hair in a Rosie the Riveter type knot. Ironically, the day before I was telling a friend how my mother hates this look and says I look like a maid… I didn’t hear the end of it in the car ride from her that morning!
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Sisterly love

Last night, Cana, Sister Alexis, invited the sorority and pledges to her condo for authentic Turkish dinner. Her mother has been in town for the week and really wanted to meet us. As did I! I heard she’s an awesome lady, and she sure is. Nourjan Ubla (Ubla is like calling her Sister) had injured her leg right before flying into Toronto and still managed to cook an amazing meal and host a bunch of silly girls!

Cana and her beautiful mother Nourjan Ubla

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My two fav things : Family and thrifting

I always see on tumblr about such amazing great deals at the Salvation Army. I’ve never had one in my area, and when I did, my mum used to say it was trash. So I’ve never shopped at one. I had it set in my mind to check one out. There is one near my church so after service today my mum and I went to see, but as a Christian organization, it is closed on Sundays. I guess my church is in an underdevelopped part of Toronto cuz every thrift store chain is at the same intersection. We went to our usual spot, Talize and grabbed some things.


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After school program

I never thought I would be the one to say this, but I might continue in school. I am in my last year at University of Toronto, and heaven knows I can’t wait to get out. Lately, I’ve been thinking of a realm of things outside of my field of study. Writing exams about AIDS in Botswana and thinking about sample sales and apartments in New York…

I have been looking into fashion programs; public, private, international, BA, degrees and MA. I have no idea what I want to do, and where, but I am keeping my options open. All I know is right now, my future in design and fashion is much more interesting than pretending I can save the world.

After work, my brother came to pick me up for a mini journey downtown. Its such a beautiful city.

My city

I captured that shot on the way into the city. Gorgeous colours! My brother and I went to the barbers first, while he was getting a fade I watched Man on Fire, then left early to get to the open house. For a bunch of fashion students, profs and aspiring students…no one had any fashion sense…

I felt good about my style tho! Check it out inside.

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New job, new look!

I Started my new job at Burberry yesterday! This uniform is so much more assertively sexy than my last position.

A black suit made of a blazer I thrifted for 10$ originally from Suzy Shier. The pants are from Sears, Jessica brand. My white button down is from Marshalls in the staes for $6. And the oxford runners are from Designer Depot for $10.

My first day was slow. Training always is. I was having a heart attack being surrounded by such beautiful things. There was a pair of oxford wedges and a red-pipe lined trench coat that just made me die!

I can’t wait to see what this position has in store for me.

Until then, ciao ciao xx

Sunday Best

Last night was a sleepless night! The final string for the Coptic papal elections happened. I got into bed about 1am..With the time difference, the live liturgy was broadcasted here starting at 2am. So about an hour after I slept, I get a call from my mother waking me up to come watch it. I joined her upstairs to watch the liturgy, and all the fun stuff…about 3 hours in and out of a dazed sleep later – we finally start getting to the point!

They gathered all 12 young boys (representing the 12 disciples) and picked a name out of a bowl. That child was to be the one to pick the new pope’s name out of the 3 remaining. A few prayers and Bible passage readings later, the boy puts his hand in, and hands it to the acting pope, who then unravels the paper and presents it to the congregation and the camera; His Grace Bishop Tawadros! The 118th Pope of the sea of Alexandria, Pope Tawadros II will be ordained on the 18th of November.

After finishing all the celebrations, I got into bed about 5 am and slept at 6 only to be woken up by one of my best friends Liz, giving me 15 minutes to get ready to join her for church. This is what I put together!

My beautiful new wool cape jacket. It has a (possibly real) fur collar. Sorry its a tad blurry. I got it from Talize for $15 last weekend and almost died. My mom looks faboulous in it too.

This is my church outfit! The cropped cardigan is from Costa blanca, but I got it at a clothing swap a few weeks back. It has a cute lace decal on the inside of the button holes to show through. The dress was from the same clothing swap, I think its vintage, but has no tag on it. It is a champagne coloured lace with creme floral details shining through. Its a bit big on top, but the cardigan covers it.

That brooch is vintage, it belonged to my mother and is shaped as a hat. The belt is from Primark for 1 pound! I love the studs on it. My mother had gotten me the antique atlas print side body bag from a thrift trip. I been wearing it a lot lately. The shoes are from Walmart for $3! I been wearing these like mad as well! You can never go wrong with wedges.

Its my first outfit post and I already have a guest apperance! Like I said I was out with my girl Liz today. She looks cute in her rust coloured circle scarf from Spring. Her top is a baggy peasant style from Costa Blanca, and her trousers from Sirens looked great on her, even though she had water spilled all over her during breakfast! Her secret wedge boots are also from Spring. She loves how comfortable they are!

Just a glance at our jewerly today. Simply the necklaces. On the left is my clay bead necklace my priest got me from Ivory Coast years ago. Liz’s amazing collar is from Aldo.

We got some rest after our outing and photo shoot! I hope you had a great Sunday!
Much love x

Hello Blogworld!

My name is Rita Morcos. Many call me Ritzz, I personally always liked being called Riirii. You can pick which ever you like. I am a student at the University of Toronto, for international development and health studies. I am a Toronto native, and I couldn’t love my city more.

I’ve decided to  begin this blog to document my progression in and love for fashion and vintage styles. I am no expert. Nor do I claim to be perfect. I cannot promise great writing, amazing photos, or exceptional experiences; all I can promise is that I will do the best I can to maintain a place where I can express myself and my art. Hopefully you will follow along my journey with me.

Much love, Ritzz