Sunday Best

Last night was a sleepless night! The final string for the Coptic papal elections happened. I got into bed about 1am..With the time difference, the live liturgy was broadcasted here starting at 2am. So about an hour after I slept, I get a call from my mother waking me up to come watch it. I joined her upstairs to watch the liturgy, and all the fun stuff…about 3 hours in and out of a dazed sleep later – we finally start getting to the point!

They gathered all 12 young boys (representing the 12 disciples) and picked a name out of a bowl. That child was to be the one to pick the new pope’s name out of the 3 remaining. A few prayers and Bible passage readings later, the boy puts his hand in, and hands it to the acting pope, who then unravels the paper and presents it to the congregation and the camera; His Grace Bishop Tawadros! The 118th Pope of the sea of Alexandria, Pope Tawadros II will be ordained on the 18th of November.

After finishing all the celebrations, I got into bed about 5 am and slept at 6 only to be woken up by one of my best friends Liz, giving me 15 minutes to get ready to join her for church. This is what I put together!

My beautiful new wool cape jacket. It has a (possibly real) fur collar. Sorry its a tad blurry. I got it from Talize for $15 last weekend and almost died. My mom looks faboulous in it too.

This is my church outfit! The cropped cardigan is from Costa blanca, but I got it at a clothing swap a few weeks back. It has a cute lace decal on the inside of the button holes to show through. The dress was from the same clothing swap, I think its vintage, but has no tag on it. It is a champagne coloured lace with creme floral details shining through. Its a bit big on top, but the cardigan covers it.

That brooch is vintage, it belonged to my mother and is shaped as a hat. The belt is from Primark for 1 pound! I love the studs on it. My mother had gotten me the antique atlas print side body bag from a thrift trip. I been wearing it a lot lately. The shoes are from Walmart for $3! I been wearing these like mad as well! You can never go wrong with wedges.

Its my first outfit post and I already have a guest apperance! Like I said I was out with my girl Liz today. She looks cute in her rust coloured circle scarf from Spring. Her top is a baggy peasant style from Costa Blanca, and her trousers from Sirens looked great on her, even though she had water spilled all over her during breakfast! Her secret wedge boots are also from Spring. She loves how comfortable they are!

Just a glance at our jewerly today. Simply the necklaces. On the left is my clay bead necklace my priest got me from Ivory Coast years ago. Liz’s amazing collar is from Aldo.

We got some rest after our outing and photo shoot! I hope you had a great Sunday!
Much love x

4 thoughts on “Sunday Best

  1. Cute church outfit! And a lil’ request from moi, I’d love it if your images were larger so I could see more of the detailing like the texture of your bag, or the clip in your hair. If this is not your style, then I respect that…

      • Unfortunately, I am not familiar with doing that- all I know is with my images, when I upload them, WordPress gives me the option to make them large, medium etc automatically- and on those options, I tend to choose the larger sizes…

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