After school program

I never thought I would be the one to say this, but I might continue in school. I am in my last year at University of Toronto, and heaven knows I can’t wait to get out. Lately, I’ve been thinking of a realm of things outside of my field of study. Writing exams about AIDS in Botswana and thinking about sample sales and apartments in New York…

I have been looking into fashion programs; public, private, international, BA, degrees and MA. I have no idea what I want to do, and where, but I am keeping my options open. All I know is right now, my future in design and fashion is much more interesting than pretending I can save the world.

After work, my brother came to pick me up for a mini journey downtown. Its such a beautiful city.

My city

I captured that shot on the way into the city. Gorgeous colours! My brother and I went to the barbers first, while he was getting a fade I watched Man on Fire, then left early to get to the open house. For a bunch of fashion students, profs and aspiring students…no one had any fashion sense…

I felt good about my style tho! Check it out inside.

I wore an 80s inspired blazer shirt with geometric patterns and great colours. The bottom hem is not a straight line, its a W-cut! I love it. I got it for $6 at a random old-ladies boutique near my house. The pants are my fav! Ill explain about those below. The shoes are American Eagle brand mary jane’s from a clothing swap. The whicker purse is my current favourite. Made in Japan it has a coral and navy strip around the band. My pearl shell-shaped earrings are vintage from my mom, and you can’t forget my orange hair bow and my purple saint’s bracelet. Kept the accessories light today.

Here are the pants! I think they’re vintage, They have a very 50s look to them, as peddle pushers or cigarette pants, as they were more commonly called. The material is almost like broccade of flowers. The picture does not do it justice. They’re high waist and phenomenal. I got them for $7 at value village and was so happy for days!

I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see which programs I will apply to, and which I have a choice from after acceptance!

Until then, much love x


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