My two fav things : Family and thrifting

I always see on tumblr about such amazing great deals at the Salvation Army. I’ve never had one in my area, and when I did, my mum used to say it was trash. So I’ve never shopped at one. I had it set in my mind to check one out. There is one near my church so after service today my mum and I went to see, but as a Christian organization, it is closed on Sundays. I guess my church is in an underdevelopped part of Toronto cuz every thrift store chain is at the same intersection. We went to our usual spot, Talize and grabbed some things.


The first thing I found and fell in love with were these oxford chunky heels from Forever 21 in black, navy, cream and blush colour. Sadly they’re not in good condition, but I love them too much to leave behind.

Here they are from the side.

As I was wandering around I saw this silk button down hanging on top of something else and just started wearing it around without even thinking. Just a peek at the pattern.

I got a blazer for work that my mother forced me to buy, as well as a lovely church hat in tuquoise silk. Can’t wait to wear it!

Vintage tip 

A week or two ago I won a bid on some vintage hats on Ebay. I contacted the seller, Cyndy who’s shop has amazing vintage finds, wanting to know the era and authenticity of the hats I bought. She is such a sweet lady and we chatted for a while. She let me know she has been collecting since she was my age and everything is authentic. We began to talk quite a bit and she gave me a few tips on what to look for to date a vintage piece. Something she told me was that Union Labels are always a good indicator. I was under the impression that Union label was an American thing.

I had tried on a couple dresses at Talize with no avail, some with other tags indicating vintage ages. I took one dress with a unique waist tie, diagonal buttons on the side, and open slit in the chest. It is hard to tell from the pictures.

When I got home to hang it up, look what I was surprised to discover! The brand is KLOZ and indicated it was made by Meira (in french). Then this!

A Union Label!

This ILGWU tag dates the dress to 1968-1984. Pretty cool if you ask me! Authentic Canadian Vintage. Did I mention as I cashed out I found out the tag colour was half off today? I paid only $5 for this beauty!

Family Time

We then rushed downtown to pick up my parent’s friends from downtown. They’re visiting from Egypt. We had a huge dinner and spent all evening with them. They’re really quite a lovely couple.

Me, Tant Amal, Uncle Raafat, and my parents (:

Here’s a closer look at my dress. I got it from a clothing swap last month. It was stock from the store that runs it, labeled vintage. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it, but grabbed it due to the colours any ways. My earrings are vintage, and belonged to my mother. Hush Puppie blue suede loafers thrifted from Talize a while back for $7. Totally worth it and super comfortable.

I just realised how incredibly long this post is and how many things I discussed! I apologize. I hope you survived till the end. If you did, here’s a kiss x

Until next time dudes and dolls x


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