Sisterly love

Last night, Cana, Sister Alexis, invited the sorority and pledges to her condo for authentic Turkish dinner. Her mother has been in town for the week and really wanted to meet us. As did I! I heard she’s an awesome lady, and she sure is. Nourjan Ubla (Ubla is like calling her Sister) had injured her leg right before flying into Toronto and still managed to cook an amazing meal and host a bunch of silly girls!

Cana and her beautiful mother Nourjan Ubla

Dibisha and I took the train to Cana’s, and picked up Ella on the way. These are some of my favourite sisters.You know why? Cuz Ella told us to stick our head out the train and she’ll run in to catch it. Dibi and I ran out of the cart, screamed her name. And we all ran onto the train in different spots haha We made it tho! We were all on the same cart. And so we took some pictures. Here’s my subway modeling!

I’m really not quite sure what I was channelling  but it was something chic and yet innocent. I just got the dress at a half off day at Value Village this week. Its vintage, a thick ribbed corduroy material, perfect for the cold November air. Gold and black buttons down the center. I’m not quite sure when I got the belt, but I was at a family friend’s place when I was much younger and needed a belt and she gave me this! The white shirt underneath was stolen from my mum’s closet. It has frills around the collar and you can see the wing sleeve. I bought these vintage white tights for 50c not thinking how worn out they’d be. I should have known, the packaging was beautiful, but definitely vintage. They didn’t fit and ripped many many times. And my new beloved oxford heels to top off the outfit.

The other train-goers probably thought we we’re crazy…But then again, they wouldn’t be wrong.

Outfit details.

My girls

I told you we’re crazy! Dibi and I.

And here’s lovely Ella. We’re almost there! Stopped for some wine and champagne first…Which ended up on the ceiling…Don’t ask.

Look at all this amazing food Cana’s mom made for us!

The host and I with our Rose

A candid shot, that Myar took advantage of!

Some of my closest sisters. Cana, myself, Ella, and Dibisha ❤

As Sarah and I went to her place, the other girls were heading back to Scarborough, we ran into them across the train tracks.

Good night!

Yerems! So cute, can’t wait until the next outing x


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