Lazy day

Friday is usually my lazy day. Can you believe it? I’m not a fan of pants, but you’ll usually see me in pant-like clothing on Fridays. My day starts early, and I have class and tutorials from 9am till about 4pm – all of them statistics! My backpack heavy with a textbook, and the long walk across the street just makes me want to stay in bed when my alarm goes off at 6:44am.

Last Friday was no exception.

Yea…This is my idea of lazy. I didn’t want to wet my curls, so I wrapped one of my mom’s vintage silk scarves from Europe around my hair in a Rosie the Riveter type knot. Ironically, the day before I was telling a friend how my mother hates this look and says I look like a maid… I didn’t hear the end of it in the car ride from her that morning!

Donning all black is also not something common for me. My big brother would be proud. The lace top is a button up with a ruffle back – I should have taken a photo! I got it from a clothing swap. A black tank top underneath, in exchange for my usual bra – it was a cold day! A velvet belt with beautiful gold thread details around my waist for more shape.

I wish I knew where this belt came from. I’m quite sure its vintage, but don’t know who bought it or from where.

I got great comments on my shiney spandex leggings, very similar to the American Apparel Disco pants, except I’ve had mine since I was at least 10 and it didn’t cost $80… There’s some sparkle glue stuck on the thigh from the olden days – the true mark of a kid’s use.

With some combat boots to toughen it up a bit from Urban Behaviour for $15 but with a gift card from work…My whole outfit was therefore free for me!

Short and sweet, ciao bell@s x

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