Thigh highs and button downs

A short post for a short day!

I had lunch with Dibi and then met Gabby in the library where she fixed my camera and took these great pics.

Thigh high stockings make any outfit sexy and feminine. Can you imagine my top is actually a men’s retro button down? It used to be my brothers when he was a chubby little kid. It’s Phat Farm branded. The belt is a waist cincher from a clothing swap. I’m wearing a cotton skirt from H&M. It was tagged at 6.99 but I got it for free with a gift card from work.

My favourite Blue suede shoes, a la mode Elvis. Hush Puppies I found at Talize for $7. This would be the only thing I paid for in my outfit for today. And well worth it as they’re so comfortable, true to brand!

Keeping with my current tendency to keep the accessories light; Rose beaded rosary from Egypt, one from my collection to add to my sexy chola look.

My little sisters pretending to study

Also totally not studying

That’s all for now folks x

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