Hello Epsilons

Welcome and congratulations to the new Epsilon Class of Chi Sigma Xi sorority!

Epsilon Class

Epsilon Class

The pics wont be anything glamorous. Just a peek into our special night.

Its getting really cold here so we’re all bundled up for prep and such. I might be a born and raised Torontonian, but I still can’t stand the below zero.

How we stay warm in December

How we stay warm in December

Me, Cat, Dibi, and Sonya, two of my Beta sisters whom  I miss so much.

CSXI was taking the pic, so I haven’t gotten a copy of me in it yet, but the chapter with our new sisters! Congratulations. Lets go celebrate! My little sister Paighe opened her house to us to welcome the new sisters. This is me, her and my L2 Afsar.


My little sister gave me this cute cannister with home made candy cane chocolate in it! she knows me so well<3

A little Christmas something from my lovely little sister

Keeping the weather in mind, I didn’t wear anything special. IMG_0069I like my baggy men’s shirts. This is an Echo UNTLD t-shirt I thrifted on a half off day for $2. I’ve been meaning to cut it into a v-neck but for now I belt it with a silver waist belt. Extra cozy wool leggings from Burlington Coat factory for $3 and amazing Timberland boots from Goodwill for $12.

The chunky round necklace has nautical themed charms that dangle from it, my auntie got it for me from Egypt. I love it!

Oh yes, and as you’ve noticed, my hair is straight for once! I love the cut and length.

Congratulations to my new sisters, I am happy to welcome you into the family

For many more classes to come, cheers x


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