That’s a Wrap!

I haven’t been to church in a while due to my work and school schedule eating me alive. With exams starting tomorrow, I caught a mid-week liturgy with my father.

Wearing one of my new wrap dresses, I looked elegant with such ease. I love wrap dresses. They’re a staple shape for the 50’s wild girl, and they’re so flattering. The ruching in the front of this one would hide anything.

dec 2016

My mum always finds the best deals when she shops at WalMart in the morning. She came home a couple weeks ago with 4 dresses for herself. 2 were these beautiful wrap dresses and I just had to have them! On sale for $13 each, how could I  not? She returned the next day and grabbed me the dress she has, that I originally fell in love with, and 2 other patterns, including the above houndstooth-type dress. It was the only one, and it hadn’t been there the day before. The next day she returned and found me the right size for this, along with another new print! She grabbed one of the new ones for herself as well. I get so excited when she finds me things, they’re always so cheap and unique. No one ever thinks to look at WalMart, but check it out! My mom and I now have 2 matching dresses, we gotta be careful not to wear them out at the same time.

dec 2018

My diamond studs and gold rosary are all I been wearing lately. These shoes are quite lovely tho.

HeelsDon’t mind the mud. I forgot I walked in the grass ops! My brother’s business partner just gave me these brand new Anne Klein oxford heels. Patent and snake-style leather, and a lace-up front, she didn’t want them to go to waste and was so happy to see they fit me comfortably. Well…maybe not too comfortably. They need some breaking in. But I love them, and they added that little touch along with black nylons.

Please pray for me and my exams! I probably won’t do an outfit post until I finish on the 20th, so take care until then x


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