Glam Rock

Okay I lied. I’m going to make a post during my exams. I started yesterday and had another one today. Yep. That’s right. A Saturday exam! I feel cooped up and bored studying all the time so when I head to school, I still gotta dress up. I went for a bit of an 80’s grunge look, minus the shredded tights – its too cold for that!


In an H&M dress I thrifted at Talize for $6. I think its a couple sizes up from my usual so the a-line doesn’t fit around my tiny waist. Its sheer mesh with white hearts and buttons all the way down. Underneath  is a beautiful vintage black silk slip, with lace trim on the bottom hem and chest. I love how it just peeks out from under the dress giving a bit of a soft look. It was from VV for $3. Before they started hiking up the prices at the West 49 outlet I used to work at, I got this ROXY grey jean vest for $5. It had studs on it before the whole phenomenon.

ImageAnyone who knows me knows I’m rough around the edges. I like the skater/punk look and incorporated a bit of that with the vest. I opted out of high top vans and wore these thrifted Dr Schol’s leather booties instead to keep my feet warm. I got them for $12 at Value Village, but they’re so comfortable, I couldn’t pass them up.

A funny story about the tights. My sorority sister was spending Easter with me as usual. We  stopped to see my grandma on the way to church  when my dress ripped all the way up the backside! We drove around the entire area trying to find any place open until we came across a pharmacy that luckily had tights. I wasn’t fond of the price ($12) but they’re really great quality, thick and shiny. They’ve lasted quite a lot of wear as well. I have a horrible tendency of ruining my tights.

Here’s some of my punk rock jewelryImagee

The “illuminati” ring is my favourite. I wear it every day since I stole it from my mum. The other two are off of ebay for around 2 bucks each – a skeleton key and a diamond-encrusted skeletal finger. I love the look of bones.

But I’m going to be dead if I don’t study for my next exam on Monday.

Send me some lucky bones x


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