Real Christmas Shopping

I broke my laptop and our wifi has been having issues lately so this post is late. Sorry!

Being orthodox, my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas on the 25th ( but on January 7th). So we went to the only mall open, Pacific Mall. There wasn’t much to buy but it was a nice outting for a quiet day.

Dec 073

The mall had a cute decorated stage to take pics in front of but it was too dark so heres my home photo.

christmas day 1

The My mum got me the knit turtle neck from a thrift store so long ago. I just bought those polka dot pollazo pants on Value Villages last half off day, for $3. They were origonally a size 18-22 and I turned them into a size 6-8 high waist pant.

Before Dec 057Pinned, sewed and cut the pants from the back crotch all the way to the middle of the waist band to make it my size.

Heres how it looks!Dec 061

My fav Hush Puppy suede loafers and a japanese made crochet clutch from VV for $3.

The necklace was my mom’s touch, she got it in Egypt, and its so unique with chain and velvet and little sea urchin looking add ons.

Hope your Christmas Holidays were a blast xx


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