I live in Toronto. A major city. Actually, the capital of Ontario.

Ottawa, the Canadian capital is 5 hours away. As is one of my favourite people in the world. My friend Sami and a bunch of friends came down last week for a church retreat to visit. I met Sami so long ago on a retreat to Ottawa, and haven’t been able to see him in years. I was so excited this visit I could, so after work I threw on a sweater and heels and drove around for an hour trying to find this place.

Dogpile 1

Disturbing the pileup in the hotel lobby

Okay Laila and I were totally posing, No biggie.

I was so happy to see my friends Sami, Jess. Mina and everyone else. Sami is literally my fashion counterpart. Just take a look at us!


Don’t we look snazzy? A bit blurry, but one of my fav pics. He says he wore the Elvis shirt for me. But he’s the one (usually) with the Elvis-inspired pomp that I love so much.


I didn’t dress up much. I was at work before hand and wore something similar to change into my uniform. The button up is a NIKE sport shirt with a nice yellow print. I got it from a clothing swap. The green varsity style cardigan is from Sears in the US a while back. I got it (and a red one) for about $5. I have a big collection of cardigans. Cold Canadian weather needs it! I got a friend to hunt for these pants for me from a random shop in Montreal and bring them for me. They were $15. I love high waist pants. They’re so flattering and a great pin up look. My aunt gifted this big circle necklace from Egypt. it just adds a bit of *bam* to the look.


I decided to tuck both the button up and cardigan in the pants and even though I couldn’t flatten it all out, I think it looks so much more flattering than a loose cardi. Plus I do love the way my curves are accentuated in high-waist-anythings. I was never a fan of brown and black colour combo, except for camel. And heaven knows I love my new Miss Mooz oxford boots. I have been wearing them everywhere, even though the Italian leather is going to get ruined with our snowy conditions!

Here are some goofy pics from the night with dog piles, silly faces and snapshots of my friends and I.


Can’t wait to visit my friends in Ottawa soon x

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