Orthodox celebrations

Being Orthodox, my family and I celebrate Christmas officially on the 7th of January as oppose to the 25th of December. The night before, the 6th, we dress up and go to church to pray a liturgy ending at midnight. For the last couple of years, my family and I have opted to go to the church we grew up in. Its so nostolgic to see my childhood brothers and sisters, and who’s kids have grown to be adults ext ext… I only see them twice a year now.

Some are a bit more [un?]lucky to see me more often, like my best friend Valerie

ImageI think we looks quite stunning in our red outfits, and black heels. Oddly matching!

christmas 013My other girl Lorian and I. Im kinda proud to say that I helped her pick out her outfit. Cuz she looks might cute! Also in red jeans. What can I say, Chrsitmas is a cherryful time (see what I did there?)

Here are some pictures of my girls and I looking a little foolish and cute!
christmas 011 christmas 014MUAH love you x

christmas 016Now for my outfit! This is actually a 2 piece vintage suit my mom picked out when we were at Value Village for $15. I think its from the 80’s but I can’t tell. The dress underneath is simple with some shape to it. The mesh chest is a beautiful addition as it purposfully shows on top of the silk lapels of the jacket. The gold buttons give it a festive look.

I have on backseam nylons, and some $3 satin sandal heels from Walmart. yep, you heard me. Walmart. I forgot to take some detail pictures.


My 50s vintage church hat! I love it. I got it from an incredibly sweet vintage seller on ebay, Cyndy. I have been wearing many vintage hats lately. Its the perfect vintage accessory for a fun outfit.

On Christmas day my family and I all gather at someones house and eat SO MUCH and watch Disney movies with our christmas log cake. Here we are this year at my uncle’s house.

christmas cousinsIm too concentrated on my food to watch the movie.

Can’t wait for the next holidays x

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