With the first day of classes for the semester in the new year, I had to dress up to suppress my disappointment – Back to waking up early and spending days in the library! Luckily the weather has been lovely this week and it allowed me to wear a lovely welcome to spring-inspired outfit. I love the warmer weather!

Jan 017


I went all in on pink! The wrap around dress shirt is a baby pink top from Club Monaco, that I got at a clothing swap. With a vintage matching string of pearls that belonged to my mother, and a beautiful vintage hat I bought off my favourite ebay store and seller, Cyndy. It is a 50-60s church hat in a pale pink, with a veil that wraps around. Much like the hat I wore in my last post for Christmas, which was also from her shop!


When I lived in Cote D’Ivoire this summer, I fell in love with the native materials known as pagne colloquially, or African Wax. The material is often bought in 3 peices, one to make a skirt, one a top, and one to be a head wrap. I bought many different prints when I was in Abidjan, and got them custom tailored to my body and my designs. This is the first piece I got made. Its a high-waist hi-lo circle skirt. I paid $10 for the 2 pagnes, and $6 to get the skirt made. Incredible! The ladies at the tailor shop were amazing. They were so fast and so creative. I wanted to stay in their shop all day. In the future, I will write a post more on pagnes and dress making in Cote D’Ivoire. Its a beautiful art, and incredible fashion.
Jan 018
I finalized the outfit with my thrifted Forever21 oxford heels.
Lets hope for a good semester and a great spring x


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