Prom Night

One of my favourite little sisters celebrated her 20th birthday this past weekend with a bang! She had an awesome idea: Prom themed birthday with a philanthropy twist; we were to donate to Sick Kid’s hospital to get join her for her birthday with dinner and wine. We ended up raising around ~$200 and had an amazing night!

Ella, the birthday girl tossing the salad


ImageSome beautiful ladies in their prom dresses. Faboulous!

The night started off slow with a yummy dinner and wine with a few close friends. Then everyone started joining in and the party began!

I didn’t know it was a masquarade!



I love to dance and had a great time!

ImageI opted out of wearing my actual prom dress as it’s too long to wear in a house without heels. Instead I wore a vintage prom dress that I have been dying to bust out. I got it at Value Village for $15. I actually hate black dresses and barely own/wear any. This one is defiantly vintage. With roushed mesh shoulder sleeves, a beautiful flower appliqué in the centre chest, the neckline is so appealing. I classed it up with my mothers vintage pearl and crystal choker, one of her old suede hair bows with flowers, and my favourite custom pearl and cameo bracelet. The dress becomes a bit more playful as we move down.


With steel boning in the bust and waist, I was given a lovely figure, accentuated by the flouncy A-line skirt (with added tulle 😉 ). The brocade floral print is my favourite feature. It reminds me of my favourite vintage peddle pushers (you’ll see them VERY soon). It adds a great texture to a black dress. Even though I couldn’t wear them in the house, I added some colour with purple suede Vince Camutto heels. 3 Straps across my foot with huge suede flowers on them. I got them for $16 down from $250 from when I worked in a shoe store.

prom 019Everyone was trying to get in the way of my solo shots so I’ll let them say hi to you all!

I hope I get to revist prom again soon x


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