Sweet Sailings

jan 037

While going through the storage room last weekend, we stumbled across a bunch of old blouses of my mums. I snagged a few retro pieces that she thought wouldn’t fit. I love the challenge.

This blouse is a vintage sailor themed shirt with the stripes around the trim of the buttons, sleeves, and collar. It also has a faux poche on the chest with a matching pocket scarf. I matched it with a houndstooth hairclip from the olden days. I love anything that reminds me of sailors from the WWII era. They were so handsome and the epitome of a love story.
sailor 1
Its not an authentic vintage photo, but what do you think sailors?

jan 040

I told you guys my brocade peddlepushers would be making an appearance soon. These are my favourite pants. They’re high waist, and come up past my ankles. I paid $6 at Value Village for these vintage beauties. I wore simple oxfords (which someone told me looked very french) and called it a day at sea.

On the lookout for a nice sailor boy, but until then, sweet sailings x


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