As a passionate (and frugal) thrifter and shopper, when I came across the idea of a clothing swap a few months ago, I jumped at the opportunity! I searched and searched for anything in the GTA until I found a quarterly swap held by Nathalie-Roze & CO, a vintage and Canadian clothing retailer in Leslieville, Toronto. My mother and I went to our first a few months back and I got some incredible grabs. The Winter Uber-Swap held by Nathalie-Roze & Co. this past Saturday was something I had been looking forward to for a while. My mother and I sorted through so much old clothes that we had more than enough to donate and bought 4 tickets! I brought my “little sister” Ella along, and my mom brought her “other daughter”, a coworker to the event. I didn’t get pictures of the swap, as it becomes too hectic. I snapped a quick shot on my cell phone (once I located it) of my mom and her guest sorting through our bags.


Check out these awesome bags made from recycled men’s shirts. Iconic of the UBERswap event to stuff your haul in!


More about my day and awesome finds inside!

Here is my haul from UBERswap

I always start in shoes when I go shopping. Both boots are no name, the winter wedge boots have become my saviour with the antarctic weather we’ve been having. And they’re actually really cute! I’ve never worn winter boots before cuz I never like the look. I’m so excited to wear these Clarks booties, known for their comfort. The Alia open toe chevron kitten heels are perfect for any 50s look.

jan 099I got 2 amazing jackets. The black duffle jacket is so lightweight but so warm!jan 114The following are some staple pieces I picked up

jan 105

White brocade evening dress – needs to be taken in a bit

jan 110

My mom always picks out the best stuff; like this beautiful vintage tiered dress

jan 108

A retro. waist-cinching blazer mama found

jan 109

One of my fav pieces (also found by my mother) A vintage Chanel inspired blazer (To be seen in an upcoming post!)

The rest of my goodies!

jan 117

Overall I got 2 jackets; 4 shoes including 2 boots, booties and heels; 6 dresses, 2 vintage, one evening, 2 casual, and one sweater dress; 2 skirts, one of which is Adrienne Vittandi; 1 cardigan; 1 sweater; 6 blouses and some accessories including a belt, earrings, and an evening clutch. One of the vintage dresses I snagged was a vintage piece from NR&COs collection. I got one last time as well!

32 Items over all! I love going with my mother, she never ends up getting much and picks me up the most stunning things instead.

What do you think is my greatest score?

The best part about the UBERswap experience is the lovely ladies who are swapping along side you. Everyone helps each other out by handing over items they think might fit others better, or complimenting and giving honest opinions. The coolest part is when someone sees you in one of their old items and explain the story behind it. My mom’s guest had tried on a dress a lady wore for her second wedding!

After wards my mother and I were driving around Leslieville looking for food when I came across a sign that read “BRIOCHE”. My mother and I have a love for french foods and pastries so we went inside this tiny bakery called Bonjour Brioche on De Grassi Street (You know, from the show Degrassi?)

degrassi 2

The place was such a cozy patesserie. While outside looking at the menu, a lovely couple backtracked to tell me that if I’ve never eaten there that I HAVE to, and suggested the Croque Madam (Toasted Brioche layered with ham and gruyere and topped with a fried egg and a side of greens).


It was incredible. Heres my mother ordering for us; a chocolate croissant and a type of pastrie that were also so yummy, and we brought home a baguette.


It just reminded me of wandering the streets of Paris. It was so sweet, I wish we could have had time to wait and eat inside.

I had a lovely day with my mum and our friends, and a great evening at a family dinner.

I can’t wait for the Spring UBERswap x


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