Big Birthday!

Please accept my apologies guys and dolls! I have been backed up with school and haven’t gotten the chance to write on here. I have a few posts on the way, just be patient with me please!

My uncle celebrated his birthday recently, and we threw him a surprise brunch!

The birthday boy

The birthday boy

We went to a chinese buffet, with about 50 other people to surprise him. He was so shocked! The place (I think it was called “Wok This Way”) had booths for different types of food. The decor was quite nice, like this awesome light fixture


The “Kids table”, we sat right beside the fish tank, and drove those fishes crazy!Image

These two brothers are my fave cousins. Our dads (theirs being the birthday boy!) were best friends since university, and we always swap stories about their crazy adventures. I think we’ve inherited their goofyness cuz it took about 100 tries to get a good shot of us without laughing.


Here’s a decent one!


Some of the lovely women of my family

ImageMy goofyness trancended into my outfit pictures.

ImageI love this wrap dress. My mum has the same one, and I made her go and get me one in my size! It’s from Walmart and was $13. I love the way it fits. My favourite heels, purple suede Vince Camuto‘s.

ImageI’ve been playing around with my hair lately and was quite satisfied with this look. Mixing eras, I have a 70’s feathered look, along with a 50’s swirl bang. The bone around my neck is from Cote D’Ivoire that my best friend got for me since I spent a few months there. The earrings are sculpted roses.

After brunch, we went to my uncle’s house to have some tea and relaxation time. I sat with the uncles for a bit as they told me stories about their time in the army (and trying to evade their mandatory service!) It was so interesting. I love war-time history.Image

The kids had the TV room, which we set up for nap time with our blankets. I wish I had a picture to show you guys!

  1. I always love spending time with my family, we’re rarely ever together. I can’t wait till our next famjam x

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