Class, Lunch, and a Snow fall

I left my house with the impression that the day was going to be sunny, and lovely. After class I head out to see none other than clouds and copious amounts of snow fall. I ran across campus to meet a friend for a lunch date trying to evade the snow flakes from ruining my hair and wetting my wedges!Image

I had a great time on my date, lunch followed by a stroll around the mall dressed in this cute little vintage get up.

ImageA 50’s lady casual outfit, my new long Audrey L. circle skirt was the inspiration for this. I had just got it at Value Village last week for $6. Its a little snug around the waist but gives me an amazing silhouette  Its a button down skirt with a built in belt, in a green shade I can’t quite put a name to. (Sea green maybe?) Tucked into it is a Limited America lace button up I got from the last clothing swap I went to.

ImageMis Mooz oxford booties matching my new wicker picnic basket of a purse, for $3 from Value Village. Look at this beauty!


I need to find ways to take pictures of my accessories. For now, I resort to descriptive text. In my hair, a celadon green and gold barette from my childhood, matching a star brooch from my mother’s youth. Double string of pink pearls around my neck also from my mother’s youth. A porcelain-like sculpted rose ring on detailed brass setting, a beautiful piece from a clothing swap. My accessories really did make the outfit! I shall learn to photograph them some how soon, I promise!

But until I do, enjoy the snow x

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