Happy Family day! I thought I’d use this day off to catch up on posts that are long over due. Thankfully, the baby who’s shower mum and I went to a few weeks ago isn’t!


Isn’t this cake so precious? Check out the sleeping baby!


Dalia, the mom-to-be cutting her cake

I’m always the tall one. Mama and I, with the parents-to-be



We got the couple to play some games to see who is going to take care of the baby and be in charge of which¬†responsibilities. They’re so cute.

feb 084Look at this gorgeous girl! I used to know her when she was a little kid. You’ve grown into a beautiful woman Helin.

feb 088

The dress I wore is a Union Made dress. Which makes it quite vintage and rare. Yet, I am pretty sure this is more likley from the 80’s. The collared neck line actually is supposed to close up around the neck and leave a gapping space around the chest. I chose to feminize it a bit more and leave it open. I added a half red, half white vintage choker, with a unique pendant as well. A hand me down from my mother. The hair flower, I hand made. The purse, another vintage piece. Dark grey tights and some Clark’s booties from a clothing swap to deal with the winter cold!

feb 090This dress only cost me $5 at Talize, it was half off. But it has so much detail. I love the diagonal side buttons on the hips, and the built in belt. As well you can see the pleating gives it a nice plump skirt.

Waiting for the baby any day now, can’t wait to play with the cutie xx

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