Nautical Birthday

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 22nd Birthday. Even though I had one class (that started at 9am mind you) I was not going to take a lazy day. An excuse to dress up and not be questioned! I couldn’t pass it down.

I got a smile-worthy texts from one of my big sisters “I also want a picture of your outfit today, I bet it is the coolest you one you got! hehe”. And boy was she right. I have been dying to wear this outfit for quite some time now.

I hope I fulfilled her wishes.

feb 105

I had been lusting over this Nautical blazer from Betsey Johnson the entire time that I worked for her. The double breast cinches in my small waist, while the power sleeves truly give me that command I need to be in charge of the navy 😉 I finally got it while the company was going out of business for an incredible price. I couldn’t believe it.

feb 103

In a white, pinstriped pencil skirt, I really wanted to capture the sailor duds of the 50’s.


feb 106My hair was pulled back into a tight bouffant, brushed into a lovely hair bow and net.Vintage pretzle shaped earrings I took from my mothers youth collection. Thigh highs barely peeking out from under the pencil skirt for a true pin up feel.
feb 104Everyone thought I was a flight attendant, but just take a peek at the Anchor patch on my shoulder and you’d know I was chanelling my vintage sailor. Now if only I found my sailor mate ❤ I did however find my lovely friend Mike who was also dressed in vintage men’s wear. feb 100Such a handsome fellow.

It always snows quite heavily on my birthday, so I was forced to wear Clark’s booties to keep me warm. I have the perfect navy blue heels I could have worn had this been any other season.

feb 102He is dressed in his father’s vintage blazer, and he bought the shirt from a store on Yonge that is over a 100 years old! I wish I could remember the name. Notice the pocket watch across his vest? This lovely fellow collects them! Ahh the essence of being dapper. He can’t be too serious, Mike’s bow tie is actually a Batman print! I love it.


Godiva goodnessLast but not least, one of my favourite men in the world brought me my favourite things; chocolate. My big brother Zeke spoiled little ol’ me with bunches of Godiva chocolate for my birthday, how could I ever thank him enough?

After university, my brother took me for a full body message just as the snow really started to fall. I needed it – I pulled my shoulder a few days before. It was an incredible experience. We went to pick up my girlfriend Liz and my dad and off to dinner at The Keg we went!

We were dressed very casual after the massages and knowing that outside was a blizzard, so forgive us for being underdressed!

dinner 2 dinner


Mmm my yummy dinner.

To indulge on chocolate, steak and love in this new year, cheers x


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