En la cocina (In the Kitchen)

Mi hermano, my big brother Karim just flew in from a year in Bolivia, and decided to make a weekend visit in Toronto to come see me (and others of course!). I was so happy to see him. Here’s the story of one of our weekend adventures!

feb 129

Feel the love! Mi hermano y yo, my brother Karim and I.

Karim spent the weekend with my cousin and her husband. Sunday we decided to make a traditional Bolivian meal Silpancho from scratch.

When I walked in with the appetisers (mini tacos!) The team was already hard at work.

Christine cooking chicken

The boys


Mark flattening the meat

mini tacos!

If you have the misfortune of knowing my silly self in person, you’d know that I like to sing random songs. One of them inspired by these mini tacos that I have my whole family singing all the time. Yet they say IM the crazy one! 😉silpancho y chicha

This is the Silpancho. Its rice, with a ground beef fried patty, covered with a fried egg topped with some lightly dressed salad. The juice in the back is soo yummy and its called Chicha.


feb 131

I didn’t dress up too much (In my opinion at least!) This vintage Nu Mode metalic dress is from a clothing swap. I seem to have an addiction to this old Toronto Brand. I have so many pieces from Nu Mode. The colours are really quite awesome, purple, peacock and bronze sheen. A shirt-dress, with power sleeves and a waist cinching belt. I added a homemade orange hair flower, and a vintage BVLGARI bag that my mom had thrifted for me long ago.
feb 135

We had gotten some snow, so I threw on some cowboy boots from Urban Outfitters last boxing week. I think the deal made them come out to $30. My hair has a side roll to it, with the flower accenting it again.

Here are a couple more pictures of the night.

Hasta Luego amigos y amigas x


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