A Night in Vegas

I haven’t been for a night out in a while but my sister Sonya turned 21 and did it big; IN VEGAS! Okay okay a Vegas themed birthday, but amazing none the less.
Vegas 1

Check out the beautiful Birthday Showgirl!

Birthday girl
She hand made her costume by adding jewels to a bodysuit. It looks fabulous.

Go inside for many more photos of the night!

We partied all night, sisters and brothers of our Greek family, as well as friends. Dancing the night away in flashy sequins and sports coats, everyone looked great. All photographs from the night are credited to Rupom Odysseus.

Vegas 9

My little sister Paighe and I showing off for the camera. Doesn’t she look fabulous in that sparkly dress!?

Vegas 9

And reminding everyone what it is we do best, HAVE A BLAST! We’re such a goofy pair, I do love this girl.

As for my outfit;
Vegas 10

This sequined-bust dress has been sitting in my closet for 3 or 4 years now. I originally bought it in case of an emergency visit to Atlantic City one weekend in New Jersey. I bought it from Forever 21 for only $8. The chiffon short skirt is so flirty I love it.

Vegas 11

But the show stopper is defiantly the back. It ties up in a criss cross halter. Thank God it didn’t let loose throughout the night!

Atop my head, hiding behind bumper bangs is a golden sequin 1950s vintage half hat bought from Cyndy off of ebay.

Vegas 12

To match, a gold sparkly clutch from Sticthes many years ago. It cost me $7, the tag was still inside! I just got the cuff ring, my father picked it out for me from his recent trip to Egypt. The jeweled ring and gold chain were stolen from my mother for the night. while the vintage faux gold earrings are vintage from her youth. The gold wicker wedge sandal heels (visible in other photos) are Aldo, recently purchased at Value Village for $12.

Muah x

Muah x

Just remember, whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 😉


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