Leopard Print

Forgive me for the absence again. But I come back FIERCE with some catlady pictures. A few brothers and sisters went out for a small lunch date a couple weeks back to a new place called Joey’s Yorkdale.


My little brother Kwamu looking swagged out and I. Yes I did say little, read about our relationship inside!

I’m not quite sure if I’ve ever explained to you all about my family. I am a sister in Chi Sigma Xi sorority and our brother fraternity Xi Alpha Pi constitutes as what we call “Xi Fam”. The “older” brother and sister are those who became a part of the organizations before I did, while the younger ones followed me (no matter of their age). These people mean the world to me, they are my friends and family and have been a great influence in my university and overall life. Almost everything I do is with my Xi fam, such as this dinner.

I sadly don’t have pictures with us at the table. I do have this one at the end of the night with my big sister Sarah. I was so happy to get together with a few older Xis who have graduated. I don’t get to see them often.


My sweet chicken salad

On the steps at Joeys, I am wearing one of my new dresses. My mother picked up a couple of these Panel Dresses from Walmart a couple days before and I had decided to keep two of them. What kind of pin up doesn’t have a leopard dress?

When I was trying them on I asked big Brother Zeke which he liked, and he chose this one. When I wore it out for dinner he asked why I didn’t wear the other one! What a silly goose.

I felt like a real 1950’s diva in this dress!

I mean come on, check out these LEOPARD BACK SEAMS! Insane right? My friend got them for me from one of her flights out to London from Primark. She knows I have been having some difficulty finding good backseams here and she got me these amazing ones. They were only a couple pounds. They match so perfectly. The almost oxford booties are Anne Klein given to me by a friend.


My accessories. The pink multi string bead necklace was from the most recent clothing swap I went to, as was the awesome shell belt. I had to cut it and shorten it a bit to fit my waist better but it was still too loose! I was wearing some of my favourite GoodWood NYC diamond shaped earrings. A wooden bracelet from Ivory Coast and a vintage hair barrette that used to be my mums. The gold cuff ring was a birthday present this year.

Stay Divalicious dolls and cats x

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