Sticks and Bones

A long day of university called for a simple and casual outfit. Or at least it was in my opinion.
March 044
The front of the outfit was really simple at least. It was the back that called for attention! Check it out inside.

March 027

This Betsey Johnson sweater dress is one of my favourites. I have a love for skulls and the design of the one on the back is just so intricate!
March 042
I played a game to see how many people would spot the design on my back. Sadly not too many caught the image, but I knew it was there and I loved it.

March 038
For a closer look.
March 050
I am wearing big silver hoop earrings for the first time. I am more of a stud girl. The cuff collar necklace was from a clothing swap. The silver cuff bracelet is another one of my birthday presents (Oh I just realised, a Silver cuff bracelet and a gold cuff ring – see a pattern here?) A bronze “Skeleton Key” ring for a couple dollars off of eBay. The belt was from a clothing swap if I am not mistaken and just pulled in my waist perfectly for the dress. Simple black nylons tucked into my Steve Madden “Malaka” boots.

Like I said, I take this to be a casual outfit, but many others thought I was so dressed up that I must be going out! I did feel quite sexy in this form fitting, low plunging dress.

Stay skully ladies and gents x


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