Japanese and Samples

A few of my big brothers and I went to out for dinner downtown last week. It was my first time being in the city in a while!March 072

Being with 2 Japanese men, we went for sushi and classics at an authentic Japanese restaurant called Ema-Tei. I left everything in the hands of my friend, as he ordered all his favourites in Japenese, including some Sake and Sapora. I’m convinced we go to authentic places, just to get the good alcohol haha. I didn’t get any pictures in the restaurant or the food sadly.

March 076

It was a fairly nice night out, so I wore these FCUK harem-style sample pants. I wear them highwaist and tie the “belt” around my waist a couple times. I got them at such a good price too as a friend of mine hooked me up, $15.
March 074
I love samples, they’re so unique. They’ve got a slit that goes basically all the way up as the legs are actually just wrapped around instead of sewn anywhere. I just got these shoes from Le Chateau outlet recently for $20. I love brogues, and booties, so its a perfect combo. They’re suedette which was good for a clear night like this night. I love heels! I bought two pairs of Iron Fist shoes that night on our way. The boys weren’t too happy as they made me taller than them. (But I like it that way!) You’ll see one of the shoes in an upcoming post.
March 058Vintage pink pearl hanging earrings and necklace from my mother’s youth collection to overlay the vintage dress shirt. It was $5 from Goodwill. A pale pink, its got a high collar with a diamond shape under the neck that allows the shirt to pleat and fold in a unique way. In the back of the collar, two pearl buttons to seal the deal. The sheen pink purse with diamond inlays is my mothers and matches the shirt so closely.

I decided to play with my hair and cornrowed one side, while putting my bangs in a classic vintage swirl bang.

I had a lovely night with good food and better company in the city, can’t wait till the next night out, cheers x


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