Je T’aime

I’ve been feeling very edgy with my style lately, so expect to see a few more casual and dark outfits as oppose to my flirty and light vintage persona over the next little while.March 079

The weather has been bipolar as ever here in Toronto. Sunny mornings, and dark and windy snow falls an hour or two later. It’s made for some very lazy outfits.

Or Crazy Rita, who knows!

I’m kicking y’all with some winter combat boots that I got for free with a gift card, but cost $15 from Urban Behaviour. These high waist pants are my current go-tos. Instead of wearing leggings, they’re stretchy and so comfortable. I had a friend pick them up from a store in Montreal called “Lime”

The see through top has a sort of “shark bite” cut to it. With French phrases on it such as “je t’aime” (I like you) and Paris written on it. This blouse was from Costa Blanca for $15. It buttons up to the top where I have a bow tie around my neck. I had literally found it in my high school days. I wish you could see the rings I had on. A skeleton finger and a cute little moustache, both off of eBay.

March 106

I was headed downtown after class for a mini interview, as well as visiting some people. It was too cold that day and I didn’t plan well so I went to steal this leather jacket from my sister Dibisha (THANK YOU DOLL!) It saved me. I would have died from the lovely winter wind that graces us 9/12 months a year here. An old Puma toque to top off my winter combating outfit (get it, combat boots, combating?)

As my shirt might say: A la prochaine mes petites xx

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