Sparkles and tings

Happy long and Easter weekend to all of you!
Another over due outfit post; another black on black look.

march 118

I originally wanted this to be a retro look, but decided the jacket I wanted didn’t work, so I added a touch of vintage with this silk novelty print blouse. It was around $6 I think from Talize thrift store. Its tucked into my pants loosely, wrapped with a skinny red and gold detailed belt from Primark for 1£. A matching vintage red bead necklace as well as my gifted Ivory from my big brother.

march 123

I really want to show off the vintage long line bra underneath. I have a current obsession. This one is covered in lace, and was $3 at Value Village.
march 126
The go-to high waist stretch pants from a Montreal store for $15.
march 119
And the piece de resistance; the SHOES! I just got these Iron Fist “Nightrider” boots and a pair of rockabilly wedges for half off. Together they came up to $65! Insane right!? These are gorgeous, and super tall! I was at least 6′ in these – my brothers were not impressed. Sorrynotsorry fellas!

march 131
The leather is detailed with engraved skulls, and the platform and chunky heels are covered in glittery sparkly goodness.

march 134
A close up of the long line and heels. There is even a rhinestone in the centre of the chest to add to the sparkle.

Enjoy your spring weekends loves xx

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