Spring is near

With the weather beginning to heat up, I wore this spring colour outfit to church a couple weeks back.

march 141

march 143

This floral peplum top is probably one of my favourites. It has a back zipper and a pretty print. I remember buying it a few years back when the peplum fad hadn’t started and double thought it due to its price. I ended up paying $15 for it at Rainbow on a trip to visit my cousin in New Jersey. I just love the peplum style (and being avant garde 😉 ) I cinched it with a red and gold hardware belt from Primark for 1pound. On top, a green blazer branded Jones New York, it was $4 on a half off day at Talize.

march 145

A black pencil skirt and Express cross-stitch tights to clean up the look, paired with red pointy stilletos from Rainbow Harlem. My favourite location for the store! The whole upstairs is a shoe store and I got these (and 3 others) for a buy one get one half off deal, so they cost about $15. I love the way my DIY hair flower picks up the colours from the shirt and matches the springy flower look!

Until the sun arrives and the snow ceases xx


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