Forest Green

I’m going to introduce to y’all the cutest little baby in the world. My muffin Johnathan.

John 007

About a month old, he’s so tiny and cute. My family went to go visit the newly blessed parents and I got to hold this precious cutie as he slept (he’s always sleeping)
John 004

So tiny, love this

So tiny, love this

The lobby of the building had this cool 70’s style area that I took some photos in. It was almost era appropriate with my attire. You’d never know I was out of place in my late 40’s style outfit. The later decades do take from mid century styles after all.

Reading the daily newspaper

On the stairs to nowhere (seriously, they stopped at the wall). There was a cute dinning table in front with red table settings. It was so adorable.

I’m wearing an apple green button up with polka dots (easily seen in previous pictures). I got it from Value Village on my last trip for $5. The vintage forest green skirt is one of my faves. Also from VV for $6 by Audrey L.


A cross body purse from Primark for 3£ with the cutest white and green polka dot pumps from Walmart for only $3. They even have a cute bow in the back of the heel, I love them!

Until my next date with Johnathon, hugs and kisses x

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