Our brother fraternity hosts a year-end convention to celebrate their accomplishments and brothers throughout the semesters. This year marked the 5th annual Xi Alpha Pi Convention. I was invited to attend as Brother Alexios’ date for the night. A few other sisters were also present at the event. ImageMy handsome date Kevin and I. I had a lovely time, with dinner and good company. Kevin and I had picked up Zeke and his date and my sister Cana and we ended up sitting in a private booth at the restaurant together. There was a lot on the schedule for the night. mc The handsome MCs prepping for their night!


Speeches were given                         Calvin award And awards   were…well awarded!     563674_10151419556654482_1148709842_n And we were all there to join in on the special events. girls My lovely sisters brightening to spot. Here are some more pictures of the night with some handsome fellas and stunning ladies.

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I was inspired by our Greek life, and dressed up as a Greek Goddess. IMAG0050b I bought this dress in New Jersey many years ago from Charlotte Russe for $25. It has an elegant deep V cut with roushing up into the thick straps. An empire waist that falls into a pleated skirt in a beautiful shiny turquoise colour gives the dress a total Greek look.

After my sister Rebecca chose that I wear gold shoes (Wal-Mart ~$12), I put on this neck cuff necklace (ebay for $3) to match and it hit me – I’m going Greek!

I ran out to find a gold cuff and a head band in order to complete the look. I ended up finding them at the dollar store for #2 each. I added a cute gold clutch that I stole from my mum’s closet.


These vintage gold earrings are perfect. My uncle had gotten a pair for each my mum and grandmother when he lived in Greece in the late 70s. I tried something new with my hair, a Greek inspired twist crown, with the gold rustic headband to keep it in place. I left some ringlets hanging out and I have to say I’m quite proud of the way the hairstyle turned out. I mean… I did try like 12 times to make it work! Let me know what you think of my hair and the look below.

Till next time Gods and Goddesses xx

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