Circles and Dots

Another long overdue post. The month of April was hectic. I was every which ways of sick, weather was crazy bipolar, and exams were keeping me up for days on end. I luckily got to sneak away for a few hours.
april 023
I went for a classy pinup look.

This outfit is drenched in rockabilly necessities. You can never go wrong with the red and black as a pin up. Power sleeves, waist belt, polka dots, pencil skirt, hair flower mary janes and back seem tights! My oh my.

I need to start accessorising more, but I hate taking off my “everyday necklace” that I’m playing with here. A black circle surrounded by a white pentagon with black stripes, this vintage brooch used to be my mothers. A thick belt with a silver studded circle buckle was from Walmart for $5 a very long time ago. My go-to black clutch carries everything I need.

april 019

My friend was cleaning out her closet when I realised she had a bunch of tops that would be perfect rockabilly looks tucked into something. This power sleeve is one of them! Its originally from urban behaviour. The polka dot pencil skirt (Which is too loose around the waist) is from Sirens in my high school days. It has a matching bustier that I love!

april 015
Every pin up girl needs a pair of back seem nylons and Mary Jane shoes. The tights are by Hue, and the heels are by American Eagle but were found at a clothing swap.

A close up of the signature polka dots.

I attempted the Gibson roll for the first time in my hair! The length is still a bit tricky to accomplish this easily, but I managed it. A matching DIY hair flower to bring in the spring cleaned up the mess of bobby pins.

Till the next random outing xx


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