Hot off the press! hr2 media event

With the grand opening for Vaughan Mills’ new store hr2 tomorrow, a preview for media and press was held tonight. hr2, named after it’s parent store Holt Renfrew, is a premium off-price store that offers luxury fashions at an affordable price.The store is the second of its kind, following the lead of Montreal – the birth place of the Canadian luxury retail brand.


Aimed to attract a younger crowd, hr2 has a colourful and fun style, take a look inside to see what the new location has to offer!

ImageAs the store is being introduced, bloggers, social media gurus, photographers and Holt Renfrew staff gather to hear about the new store, soon to be taken on a tour.

ImageWindows still covered (with JUST enough space now to peek through from the mall halls), mannequins hide behind decked out in hr2’s unique pieces. The store is still exclusive to guests only!

hr2 006With summer coming up, check out all the printed and bright bathing suits in stock!

hr2 001What kind of girl doesn’t love shoes? Sam Edelmans, Michael Kors, Prada. All price ranges are on the shelves ready to be tried on. The open concept of the store allows for shoppers to find their size and help themselves instead of dreading the wait of a smaller boutique.

hr2 002If you’re like me, you’re going to want to try these all on!

hr2 035
Have you guys noticed the signage at the top yet? Each section has a digital sign that changes with the names of designers carried in that section, or if a deal is going on. What a great idea to keep your eyes open!

hr2 033
The leather goods department is stuffed to the brim with amazing bags and even better deals! There’s an Alexander Wang bag retailed at $1000 selling for around $300 in hr2! You’ll have to hunt to find them – if they last!

hr2 034

Some more Burberry.

hr2 037
I plan to make my collection this big soon!

hr2 041
Love these Valentino cat eyes.

On to my favourite section, Men’s wear!
hr2 007
These woodsy camo display has got to be my favourite. I love the rugged feel while still being fashion forward.
hr2 008
Just cuz you’re running from bears doesn’t mean you can’t look good!

hr2 011
Who doesn’t love a well dressed man? The suits and sports coats in different colours for spring season. Don’t you love that burnt orange?
Boss suits are ranging around the $600 mark instead of the suggested price around $1000. Insane!

hr2 053
This is what the tags look like. Put aside any misconceptions you have that hr2 will be like Last Call. It is not an outlet, or a discount store. It is simply off-price. Usually, it means that the items are bought on-season. A few other tricks help bring the price tag down…But I’m sure we’re not complaining! The suggested price is listed, as is hr2’s specific price. This tag specifically is for a Burberry Prorsum bag – that’s the runway line! So don’t be too scared off by the price.

Now on to the well dressed guests of the night!

hr2 043

Some dapper gentlemen, Bill and Fraizer.
hr2 044
What a lovely group!

hr2 054
Melissa and Christine from These girls were so nice! And they had a pink canon camera to take pictures for their blog as they shopped the store one day early.

hr2 055
I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be a serious, seductive picture. We might have not all gotten the memo.

hr2 031
My date Derek and I! He’s my favourite new friend. When he gets his blog up and running I will link it. He’s got the best street fashion with a touch of class. Can you notice the leather lapel sticking out from under his camo trench? Plus that ostrich leather bag!

hr2 057
I wore a vintage-style dress I just got at Value Village last week. I decided to stop by a location that’s not “mine” and came across this gem. I know its a modern dress, but there is no tag to indicate much else.

hr2 022

A crochet shrug to cover the spagettie straps was stolen from my mama. My go-to satin clutch and a pair of leather peep-pumps from Le Chateau outlet for $10. In my hair is my moms vintage brass and pearl hair barrette, and my earrings are her pearl flowers. A handmade stone clay necklace from Cote D’Ivoire given to my many many years ago, and a gold bangle I found on my mom’s dresser as I was heading out complete my accessories for the night.

hr2 017
I love the silhouette of the 50’s that tightens the waist and flares out at the hips. This dress is a little loose on me, as it is a heavy material. A mini built in crinoline helped give the skirt a bit of volume as I am in dire need of a full crinoline.

hr2 058

My new boyfriend ; )

Make sure to go check out the official grand opening of hr2’s Vaughan Mills store tomorrow at 10am. I hear the first hundred guests get a great gift! Let me know if you went. What were your thoughts of the new store? Will you be shopping there often?

Happy shopping cats and dolls xx


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