hr2 Grand Opening!

Bright and early, I made my way back to the new hr2 store at Vaughan Mills this morning. An exclusive breakfast and meet and greet before the mall opened allowed top guests to enjoy the quiet before the storm.

At 10am, the gates opened and we walked OUT of the store! Strange, don’t you think? Not quite, we were all to watch the ribbon cutting.


There was actually quite a bit of people there for the open! Holt Renfew reps and staff, as well as photographers and a long line of guests waiting to be one of the lucky 100 to get a gift card upon entry.


Holt Renfrew team and special guests



The president Mark Derbyshire said some motivational words and was ready to get the festivities started!


Mark along with some of the managers of hr2, Heather and Eduarda and the BIG SCISSORS! They’re real guys, people do this!


I don’t have picture of the actual ribbon cutting, the smart-phonearazzi was too big for me to attempt it.

The day following was too hectic to take any pictures. I was lucky to catch parts of the flash mob performances though.

The show choir of students in grades 10-12 from the Etobicoke school of the Arts did some great performances for us! They were all so sweet as well as I got a chance to speak to a few of them (all named Adam oddly enough). They are recent winners of the National Show Choir award as well! What an accomplishment for such a young group of artists. I love music and went to an arts school myself.. To have such a large group of performers do the “Glee” thing and be proud of it makes me so happy! The arts are so important for the youth – our world would become so grey otherwise.

Me on the otherhand…I never do grey. I got many comments on my colourfulness today, especially on such a gloomy day.

IMAG0354After an incredibly long day, I was exhausted! My hair shows it haha. I’m dress in Betsey Johnson. I’m actually wearing a dress that I fell in love with cuz of the spring colours. It seemed everyone else did too today. I layered it with a puff sleeve top that has bow-buttons all the way down. Its so cute and I got it at such a good price. Its a shame you can’t see the full dress, or the buttons for that matter. The necklace is a very recent thrift purchase my mom found at Value Village for $3. A purple DIY hair flower and some retro dangle earrings from mommy’s collection to add more colour. I don’t know where my tights are from but I wish I did as they ripped today! Of course, after such an eventful day it was expected. These ruffle back shoes are so cute, and I got them from Rainbow for about $15.

With so much action today, I can’t wait to see what else hr2 has to offer.

Keep shopping on shopaholics xx

P.S. Check out my friend Derek Sabado’s From the blog Stylesab. He’s also posted his views on last night’s media event!



2 thoughts on “hr2 Grand Opening!

    • Hello Brenda! Sorry for the late reply, but I just got my schedule from work and will be able to make it to this event! I am so excited to meet you and other torontonian bloggers as well as see what the day has in store. See you soon!

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