From Day to Night

Have you ever been out on the road  busy all day, with no time to change from one event to the other? This happened to me a few weeks ago.

Solution: A dress worn all day with a different jacket and accessories!

An early company orientation required business casual attire.


A beautiful day, I brought out some spring colours. This 60’s inspired a-line dress is the focus for both outfits this day. Take a look inside to see how I transformed this from day to night.
The pink a-line dress is Isaac Mizrahi for Target. A friend had given this to me, and I put it to good use!

May 008

The floral blazer is part of a suit that I fell in love with. My best friend Liz surprised me and got me the blazer for my birthday! What a sweet heart. I am forever greatful. I have been meaning to go back to Suzy Shier and see if the pants in my size have come in. I’d love to do a head to toe look in this spring print!

May 026

A better look at the dress, how flirty! The sky blue sling backs did their job that day, then died out on me that night.The sling back snapped! (after I repaired the one on the other shoe, waah). But I can’t complain. I bought them over 5 years ago at Burlington Shoe Factory for about $20. My mom’s vintage hand-me-down purse is my perfect business bag.

My hair had been flipped up and feathered for a late 60’s-70’s look but it seems it dropped by the time of these photos. A multi-stringed beaded necklace and hoop earrings that look like green paint has been splattered on them belonged to my mother in her teens and brought out the colours in the blazer.

May 032

Enjoy a close up of my face ^_^

That is until later.

My Big Sister Jacquie was thrown an intimate surprise birthday party, and being one of the only sisters that live near me, I couldn’t miss it!.

May 042As warned, the dress stayed put! I went quite casual with a cream lace vest. Its cinched at the waist with tiers and has pearl closures. I got it from River Island for $8.

Wicker wedge heels from WalMart for only $3! The light green, pink and cream shades dress this look down a tad.

May 052

Silver grecian inspired cuff was a birthday gift, and a japanese-made wicker clutch was $3 from Value Village.

May 054

On my neck is a BIG pink pearl looking pendant on a chain of thick pearls. My mother’s vintage collection of course.

947115_10101776949481072_976328711_n (1)

I had a great night with my long-lost alumni sisters (and a friendly photobomber)! Thank you for inviting me ladies (and for the picture Sana!). We ate yummy food and danced to some latin beats with Jaq’s familia!

I hope you enjoyed my day to night look and are inspired to try your own simple outfit changes. Have you had to tweek your outfit for two events? Let me know how you managed to do it!

Until then ciao xx


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