Summer Breeze

Taking advantage of the rare sunny and warm days in Toronto is a must now-a-days.On one of those random days I was able to escape to a playground with some of my Sorority sisters and Fraternity Brothers where we had some childhood fun.

Kai and I

Kai and I


Who says I have to act my age? Silly pictures are always more fun! Everyone else was too shy for pictures. My lovely sister Ella took all the photo’s in today’s post.


The playground is definatly a fun place to spend a few hours! We played manhunt and grounders and all silly games before we went on our ways to the city for some pampering and street food.

I wish I was better dressed for the occasion. I got the a-line floral skirt from a clothing swap, branded s.c & co. sportswear. Perfectly spring on a warm day. My (now sandy) leather loafers were just$7 from Talize.

I paired it with a sky blue t-shirt I got from a friend, labeled Ricki’s. The gathering in the centre is such a cute detail to make the top so much more vintagey! I had a cropped cardigan on top, but the sun told me to put it away for a bit.
My hair came out absolutly perfect this day. My first attempt at pin curls. I had the best expected swirl bang along with curls envolopping my face. I was so chipper with the results! I added a beautiful blue hair flower I made myself to bring out the hair design even more. Pale pink square earrings are from my mum’s vintage collection. The braided belt is also hers.


These funky and colourful bracelets are just an added touch to a simple outfit. All of these pieces come from somewhere I have travelled to on a mission, or people very dear to me have given them to me.


Tongues and kissies till next time x

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