Suit and Tie

One of the joys of being a woman: we can sport men’s wear without much of a funny glance. So I chose to take advantage with an full androgynous look.

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Summer Chevron

One of my closest friends lives so far away! Right across the border in Buffalo, I am blessed to have a friend who travels into Toronto often to hang out. This one random Saturday, said friend Tom managed to get me out during my busy schedule for “a dinner with a bunch of church friends”. Turns out it was a fundraiser event held at one of our churches! I was a little surprised, but had a great time with a great friend.

june 063

Tom and I ❤


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the 50th

The 50th post on Putting on the Ritzz! I’ve been blogging since November but I still feel like I’m starting out with my blog as I am learning daily. I haven’t gotten into the swing of posting regularly yet, but finishing university for the year will hopefully allow for more blogging. I must catch up with all my posts!

On the topic of swinging 50’s, this post features a pair of repro 1940’s swing pants (ok so they’re not exactly on the same topic, only a decade before).
june 062
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Magic Pencil Skirt

A staple in every woman’s wardrobe, especially a vintage-style pin up girl, is a great form-fitting “Chanel Length” pencil skirt. I’ve been on the hunt for a while and came across this heather grey skirt.

june 005

See how I styled it below by clicking the link.
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