the 50th

The 50th post on Putting on the Ritzz! I’ve been blogging since November but I still feel like I’m starting out with my blog as I am learning daily. I haven’t gotten into the swing of posting regularly yet, but finishing university for the year will hopefully allow for more blogging. I must catch up with all my posts!

On the topic of swinging 50’s, this post features a pair of repro 1940’s swing pants (ok so they’re not exactly on the same topic, only a decade before).
june 062

I love the fit of these pants, as well as the stretch. I got them from Rainbow quite a while ago. The suspenders are attached and the pinstripe is a subtle detail the spice up the look.

june 049

A well tailored dress shirt in a unique colour to ensure a feminine look along side androgynous features. Its originally from Costa Blanca, but I got it at a clothing swap. I love wearing a bow tie! I need to get a couple more. This one was literally a lucky find.

june 046

Turquoise earrings to match, and an orange hair flower for contrast. A silver Grecian cuff and grey suede oxford booties from Le Chateau are the final touches of this look.

Cheers xx
-Ritzz Aria

5 thoughts on “the 50th

  1. I love bow ties as well! (As you’ll see in my next post) but mine have a touch of Africa…as usual!lol
    I missed you at our bloggers’ gathering on Saturday Rita!! 😦

    • I wish I could have made it out to see you lovely ladies! I feel so out of touch. But I might need to get me one of those ankara ties 😉

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