Summer Chevron

One of my closest friends lives so far away! Right across the border in Buffalo, I am blessed to have a friend who travels into Toronto often to hang out. This one random Saturday, said friend Tom managed to get me out during my busy schedule for “a dinner with a bunch of church friends”. Turns out it was a fundraiser event held at one of our churches! I was a little surprised, but had a great time with a great friend.

june 063

Tom and I ❤


I wore a super summer and colourful chevron-print dress with jeweled embelished neck line. It has a slight empire waist and paired it with a crochet bolero. I bought the dress on a shopping trip into the states a few years ago from Burlington Coat Factory for $20.

june 070

A green little purse turned into a wristlet holds all my necessities for the night.

june 068I had gotten these lucite wedge mary jane heels from Burlington Coat factory for $25 during my high school years and went through a long time of hating them and wanting to sell them until I saw how prominent lucite was during the mid century and with vintage-dressing gals. I had to put them to good use. The patent yellow catches the dresses’ colours and mind you, they were comfortable too! I think I will have to get more usage out of these heels.

june 071

Some very simple gold jewellery to keep the look focused on the dress and a homemade hair flower as my signature..

It turned out to be a good surprise with a purpose thanks to a perfect friend xx

-Ritzz Aria



4 thoughts on “Summer Chevron

    • Isn’t he! I will let him know 😉 I just always thought them to be out of fashion after I bought them. The joys of being a vintage lady.

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