Suit and Tie

One of the joys of being a woman: we can sport men’s wear without much of a funny glance. So I chose to take advantage with an full androgynous look.

june 072
I’ve had to wear a tie in gr 11 and 12 and it just ruined the accessory for me for a while.

june 075
Each men’s wear inspired piece is still very feminine, and that’s something I love about this outfit.

june 080This lace vest has got the lovliest tag. Maybe I’m biased due to the vintage debonaire lady on it. tag

Certainly vintage, but can’t quite date it myself. The lace overlay is in perfect condition. The back is pinstripped satin. I got it at Value Village for $3.

The salmon coloured clothe tie is Hugo Boss, stolen from my brother’s closet.

A green Tommy Hilfiger button up underneath thrifted quite a while ago.

And high waist trousers also thrifted at Value Village for about $6.

I wore brown oxfords from Designer Depot for $10.

I was lucky my best friend Tom was in town AGAIN from Buffalo to take all these pictures and pose silly with me as we left the camera on timer.

Here is a few of us being goofs!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until I bring sexy back again xx

9 thoughts on “Suit and Tie

  1. Hey girl, long time!! Yes missed you at the blog lunch, we t dot area chicks have to stay together. Missed your colourful presence. Keep posting, and keep coming back to missj place, your always invited. Love the man’s wear, still looks very girly on you.

    • I know I totally missed out! I wish I could have joined. But Ill try and make it out and stay in touch for sure. Thank you for the read and comment darling xx

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