Bloggers Unite!

Many many weeks ago (cuz dear ol’ Ritzz has been quite backed up with posts), I was invited to a Toronto Blogger get-together and seminar by the lovely Brenda from SkinnyBish. A pot luck event, Brenda took the time to set an schedule to teach and motivate new and upcoming bloggers in the blogosphere. I definitely learned a few new tricks to use!


Some of the incredibly talented and well dressed ladies I met.

Brenda was gracious enough to share some of her marketing and blogging tips to us and even her photography expertise! Following the sessions and topics, we went outside for a mini photoshoot. Oh did we cause a scene!



Jacky from SincerelyMissJ had such a lively personality. I loved her statement necklace and snake skin Coach bag. Her post about the day is right here.



Alison looked smokin’ in this gold little cut-out dress. The orange and turquoise stood out and looked incredible on her. She blogs over at Mookeh.


Amarachi is such a down-to-earth cutie. She is one of the writers for a site called It definitely helped me pack for my current trip!

And last but not least, the host, Brenda from SkinnyBish. She was the host and organizer of the weekend conference. Thank you so much for organizing such a useful day. You can read her post about it here.



I wore a bright floral number even on a rainy dark day. This vintage dress was from Value Village a few cities away and I got it for a steal, only $8! The back has a cut out (my hair is covering the top bit) and the length is perfect. I just need a little pettiecoat underneath for the perfect look.

DSC00145The belt is vintage as is the wicker purse. My mom hated when I bought this from Value Village for $3. But It has got to be the cutest thing! My shoes are Steve Madden for $30 from a shoe store in the US and the most comfortable heels I own.

All in all it was a great day. Brenda did an amazing job capturing all the girl’s outfits who stayed behind. I hope to go to the next Toronto Bloggers event. If you’re a local blogger, comment below and I can keep you updated!

Ritzz Aria xx

7 thoughts on “Bloggers Unite!

  1. Hey, wow girl this post is very over due, but great post never the less. Just put up my review on the African fashion week Toronto. I know u would be very interested in it.

  2. Wait… WHAT? YOU KNOW AMY! SHE WAS MY ROOMMATE AND I LOVE HER! Oh my! The world is a tea cup! ❤ Btw, I'm using one of your pictures for a post, is that ok? I'm giving you the credits and blah blah (also link to your page), I just don't have a pic of the AMAZING dress I found at Jack Lux, It's just a heads-up for the ladies so they go find their stuff before they leave, plus, everything is $5 or less! YOU SHOULD GO AS WELL. I'm going tomorroooow to see if there's something left for me x) XOXO

  3. Ah ah it was a Toronto blogger event to I just met then there! Yes of course love, that would be awesome. I might actually be downtown tomorrow, let’s try and connect!

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