The other night after work, my best friend, her sister and I went downtown to enjoy one of the last few warm nights we’ll have left this summer.  Image

We wanted to check out this little bakery that is known for ice cream sandwiches. Bakerbots Bakery off of Ossington Station is in such a hipster area, with graffiti everywhere, vintage and music shops and cool looking streets.I mean check out this random dry cleaners display!

Sept 039

We ventured into the side road to find Bakerbots and indulge!

Sept 034

So incognito, we almost missed it.

Sept 032You get to pick a cookie as well as the ice cream that goes inside. We all got half cookie sandwiches, each was so yummy! I got an everything cookie with burnt toffee ice cream.

Sept 035Look at the yummy cookies!

Sept 033The shop has their own coffee, I just loved the bag they come in.

Sept 037Sitting on little school benches outside in the alley – definitely a great way to enjoy these scrumptious treats.

We wandered over to a huge commissioned graff wall on the Long and McQuade store to take some pictures.

Sept 049In a vintage 80’s does 50’s secretary dress, I admired the piece.

Sept 055Playing around in front of Ossington. I got my dress at Value Village and even tho it is longer than the usual 50’s length, its actually one of my favourites. The heels are a requirement so I don’t look short! These t-straps are from Sears and one of my comfortable go-to pairs.

Sept 043

The skirt flares out a little while still keeping a slim shape. The belt cinches in so fittingly around my waist too. This purse was also thrifted at one point in Value Village and I always get the best compliments about it. I wish I could date it, but I have no idea what the era might be. Any suggestions?

Sept 066My dates loved my mom’s vintage shell-shaped pearl earrings.They’re so cute and dainty. The hair bow is from my baby years. I’ve finally figured a way to style my unruly curly hair into mid-century curls – without using pin curls or a curling iron! I’m quite impressed with the results (even tho it had frizzed a bit in the heat). My favourite piece is the custom designed pearl bracelet I had a friend make for me. The cameo is held together by 3 strings of pearls and goes with just about every outfit. Hidden is a pearl chocker and cross I received as a gift from my mother.

It’s been a while, but having a girls night out downtown and dressing up is a perfect way to end off a great summer. Keep a lookout for a post or two about my travels this past while!

Kisses xx

Ritzz Aria


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