Modern day Jacky-O

I’m going back into my archives of photos and hope to start posting more again.

img 007

Easter time this year called for some pastels and pretty colours.img 006When a new Value Village location opened up a while back, mum and I went to check it out. They had a deal, buy 7 items of clothing, get the 8th free (or something along those lines, all I know is I ended up with 2 free items). I lucked out with a lot of great finds that day, this handmade vintage dress was by far my favourite. It fit me so perfectly, and the salmon colour was to die for. It was only $14 (oddly one of the most expensive purchases that day).
img 014
This dress was so fun to accessorize!

img 013I’ve never been one to wear gloves a la vintage fashion, but I felt like this outfit required it! These were my grandma’s and they’re so dainty and delicate. I wore gold bangles and a white ivory floral ring on top. The purse was my mother’s thrift find, a Calvin Klein bag for $14. I found my shoes at that new location of Value Village on the same day as the dress for $14…I just noticed a pattern! They’re Jessica brand – From Sears, and they have a cute little heel along with the bow on the toe.

img 010

A cream coloured box hat reminds me of Jackie-O. Pearl earrings and a 3 strand pearl necklace on top. You can see the ring better from this angle. I felt so classy but you wouldn’t even know I paid pennies for them all! The hat was in a lot of vintage hats on eBay, 10 for $20.
img 015I really do love the simplicity of this dress. The row of buttons and clean lines

Until next time,

Ritzz Aria xx


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