If it Fits like a Glove … BUY IT

One of my first authentic vintage adventures was the Toronto Vintage Fashion show that comes to town semi annually. Countless vendors, beautiful finds, and even Toronto Vintage Society (TVS) booth where I learned vintage go-ers are alive and well in the Toronto area.

This set was a fantastic find from that day many many months ago.

IMG_1611Click through to see more about this outfit.

RitzzAria 2I could not pass this 2 peice set up. It fit like a dream. Maybe even a little snug around the waist – but that’s the best feeling! I cannot remember the name of the booth unfortunately, but the lady was so sweet. Trying this on in the make shift change rooms I got so many compliments I just HAD to have it (even though the price was a LITTLE steep for what I usually pay). At $45, it was still a great price for a vintage piece in perfect condition.

FWIS pradaFrom where I stand, you can see the amazing colours and patterns of this dress! And my suede Prada platform sandals of course.

DetailsHaving worn this lovley outfit when it was still warm and sunny back in April, I donned a little cross brooche made out of fresh palm leaves on Palm Sunday for tradition. The crochet couple is from the Philippians and from my mother’s collection. I found those sunglasses, the brand plaque named “vintage”. I have never been one for bakelite, but here is my whole collection of what I assume to be all plastic or “fakelite” from various vintage fairs for $2 each. The big blue one in the center is marked dated from Denamrk, 1981.  Its ironic that they all match this outfit so perfectly!

Until next time,

Ritzz Aria xx


11 thoughts on “If it Fits like a Glove … BUY IT

  1. This is beautiful! I love all of the colors in it and it makes it a true delight to accessorize with which you did a wonderful and fun job of!


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