Stitch and Sew

Every fashionista needs a sewing machine. I started off watching my mom and learning bits and pieces from her expert hands. I can alter my own clothes and try to make little projects (okay…big projects for me) by turning bell bottoms into skinnies, maxi dresses into hi-low midis ext…

Had a burst of confidence while mama bear was out of town and decided to try something simple from scratch.14894403_10101285920688310_359634170_o See more about this handmade dress below

I’m sure you all know by now, I like economical shopping. I went to Value Village to pillage through their bed sheets. Yes, I said it, this is made from a bedsheet! I bought 2 patterns, I think both queen sized with quite a few yards worth of material, for about 4 dollars each. Fabric can get expensive and I know I am no expert. This also saved me some sewing as the edges were already hemmed. (Yes…I cheated).


I loosely followed some YouTube tutorials but found a channel I fell in love with along the way. WithWendy is a fellow Torontonian who’s page is all about DIY sewing projects.

I made this high-low straight cut t-shirt dress with pockets in 2 steps. I followed the pattern of a dress I already own and cut out the pattern. The edges here are not finished as I was unsure of how to do it. When my mom came back, she was able to help me finish off the hems and clean up the lines.

14876136_10101285920393900_691208214_oI’ve paired this custom piece with lace-top thigh highs, denim converse, some chunky necklaces from mother’s old collection, and my new favourite men’s super tall, super black sweater from Stiches (on sale for 10 dollars!). Oh! And a silver/blue toned lipstick from Colourpop, called Petit Four. A unique favourite as well.

Cheers to my singer machine, can’t wait to put in more practice!



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