She Wears the Pants

As confident as I am, there is something about dressing like you “wear the pants” that does it for me.Sept 070I’ll tell you what I mean inside.

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The other night after work, my best friend, her sister and I went downtown to enjoy one of the last few warm nights we’ll have left this summer.  Image

Bloggers Unite!

Many many weeks ago (cuz dear ol’ Ritzz has been quite backed up with posts), I was invited to a Toronto Blogger get-together and seminar by the lovely Brenda from SkinnyBish. A pot luck event, Brenda took the time to set an schedule to teach and motivate new and upcoming bloggers in the blogosphere. I definitely learned a few new tricks to use!


Some of the incredibly talented and well dressed ladies I met.

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Pretty Edge

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my blog has been really slow lately. And I don’t think it will get any better as I am out of the country for the next few weeks. I have pictures to post up from a month back! But I will try to get into the swing of things on my free nights.

I love mixing looks. Before I got into vintage and pin up, I was definitely a street wear girl. Skater punk and ghetto glam were the styles I always played around with. I still like to bring in elements of the casual street into my classy pin up style.

june 120

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Summer Chevron

One of my closest friends lives so far away! Right across the border in Buffalo, I am blessed to have a friend who travels into Toronto often to hang out. This one random Saturday, said friend Tom managed to get me out during my busy schedule for “a dinner with a bunch of church friends”. Turns out it was a fundraiser event held at one of our churches! I was a little surprised, but had a great time with a great friend.

june 063

Tom and I ❤


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the 50th

The 50th post on Putting on the Ritzz! I’ve been blogging since November but I still feel like I’m starting out with my blog as I am learning daily. I haven’t gotten into the swing of posting regularly yet, but finishing university for the year will hopefully allow for more blogging. I must catch up with all my posts!

On the topic of swinging 50’s, this post features a pair of repro 1940’s swing pants (ok so they’re not exactly on the same topic, only a decade before).
june 062
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Magic Pencil Skirt

A staple in every woman’s wardrobe, especially a vintage-style pin up girl, is a great form-fitting “Chanel Length” pencil skirt. I’ve been on the hunt for a while and came across this heather grey skirt.

june 005

See how I styled it below by clicking the link.
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15 Vintage Essentials

Just starting to build your vintage wardrobe? Looking to dress with a nostalgic flavour? Janey from Atomic Redhead has put together a great list of 15 essentials for any vintage gal!

Atomic Redhead

Awhile ago I was contacted by a reader who recently noticed a fashion trend, 15 essentials for your wardrobe.  She liked this idea, but felt that the contemporary trends didn’t help her in building up her vintage wardrobe, so she suggested the idea to me!

Just remember, not every piece has to be vintage! Several pieces I have included in this list are on the hard to find side, so repro is a perfectly acceptable solution!  For the most part, I am focusing on the 1940s, 50s and 60s and attempted to cover a wide range so you can have all of your bases covered.  So here we go!

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