Sugar, You Make my Soul Complete

It’s been quite a while. But it has been a sweet adventure these past couple of years.Not much has changed, my style has evolved a little bit to incorporate more streetwear and menswear along side my vintage and pin up style. I’m still the same old Ritzz. So much so, that this cute polkdot romper has been sitting in my closet, with the tags on (and the receipt in the pocket!) since 2012 waiting to be worn! How crazy.


This cute polkadot denim romper was from Sirens back in the day and I have been waiting for just the right time to wear it. I guess today was it! Just don’t judge me on how many years it has been waiting to emerge.




13589232_10154314052914805_1368803618_oThe best parts are the cute and tasty accessories! These shoes are my favourite. I have been waiting for the right size to arrive from Iron Fist so I can prance around with cupcakes on my feet.


Sweet hugs and kisses xox


5 thoughts on “Sugar, You Make my Soul Complete

  1. How cute is this whole outfit! I love this fun novelty purses! They add so much character to outfits! Also, those shoes!! So adorable!


  2. Oh.. How great is your outfit. I like the way you have shown your attitude, its impressive and admirable.

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