Nautical Birthday

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 22nd Birthday. Even though I had one class (that started at 9am mind you) I was not going to take a lazy day. An excuse to dress up and not be questioned! I couldn’t pass it down.

I got a smile-worthy texts from one of my big sisters “I also want a picture of your outfit today, I bet it is the coolest you one you got! hehe”. And boy was she right. I have been dying to wear this outfit for quite some time now.

I hope I fulfilled her wishes.

feb 105

I had been lusting over this Nautical blazer fromĀ Betsey Johnson the entire time that I worked for her. The double breast cinches in my small waist, while the power sleeves truly give me that command I need to be in charge of the navy šŸ˜‰ I finally got it while the company was going out of business for an incredible price. I couldn’t believe it.

feb 103

In a white, pinstriped pencil skirt, I really wanted to capture the sailor duds of the 50’s.


feb 106My hair was pulled back into a tight bouffant, brushed into a lovely hair bow and net.Vintage pretzle shaped earrings I took from my mothers youth collection. Thigh highs barely peeking out from under the pencil skirt for a true pin up feel.
feb 104Everyone thought I was a flight attendant, but just take a peek at the Anchor patch on my shoulder and you’d know I was chanelling my vintage sailor. Now if only I found my sailor mate ā¤ I did however find my lovely friend Mike who was also dressed in vintage men’s wear.Ā feb 100Such a handsome fellow.

It always snows quite heavily on my birthday, so I was forced to wear Clark’s booties to keep me warm. I have the perfect navy blue heels I could have worn had this been any other season.

feb 102He is dressed in his father’s vintage blazer, and he bought the shirt from a store on Yonge that is over a 100 years old! I wish I could remember the name. Notice the pocket watch across his vest? This lovely fellow collects them! Ahh the essence of being dapper. He can’t be too serious, Mike’s bow tie is actually a Batman print! I love it.


Godiva goodnessLast but not least, one of my favourite men in the world brought me my favourite things; chocolate. My big brother Zeke spoiled little ol’ me with bunches of Godiva chocolate for my birthday, how could I ever thank him enough?

After university, my brother took me for a full body message just as the snow really started to fall. I needed it – I pulled my shoulder a few days before. It was an incredible experience. We went to pick up my girlfriend Liz and my dad and off to dinner at The Keg we went!

We were dressed very casual after the massages and knowing that outside was a blizzard, so forgive us for being underdressed!

dinner 2 dinner


Mmm my yummy dinner.

To indulge on chocolate, steak and love in this new year, cheers x


Happy Family day! I thought I’d use this day off to catch up on posts that are long over due. Thankfully, the baby who’s shower mum and I went to a few weeks ago isn’t!


Isn’t this cake so precious? Check out the sleeping baby!


Dalia, the mom-to-be cutting her cake


Vintage Closet Contest

I was nominated as a top 5 finalist for a contest held by Thrift Store RunwayĀ for the month of January. The contest: Vintage Closet Contest. The theme; a vintage piece borrowed or handed down from someone you know, and the story behind it.


Momma’s Hand Made

This picture is of my mother and I in a dress that she had made when she was my age, in the late 60s early 70s (I donā€™t quite remember) The dress has a matching jacket as well.

Its a beautiful cream dress made of a soft fabric with a small floral print on it. It has thick capped sleeves, and a sweet heart neckline. The front is rouched and the bottom is a flattering bias cut. My mother of pearl hairclip and earrings are also vintage and used to be my mothers. The vintage pearl necklace is my grandmothers from the 40s. a beautiful peice

Its one of my most treasured and unique pieces that needed some tending to after all these years but I intend to cherish it and pass it down to my daughters in the future!

Full submission at Vintage Closet Contest

The above text is my submission story. It would mean a lot to me if you could take a minute to help vote! I am so happy for this opportunity and teensy bit of exposure and would love for it to grow from here. Plus, my momma’s pretty skilled and beautiful, and I want to show off here work.

Voting ends at the end of the month. Please click on the picture to vote, or click here. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!May the best piece win!

Thank you for your votes xx

Sargent Ritzz

Not sure if you can tell, but I am currently in love with anything military related. It’s soĀ reminiscentĀ of the olden days. Whether it be military green, navy blue, combat boots or army men! Its been camouflagingĀ into my recent outfits (see what I did there?). This day was no exception.

A bit on the rougher side, check out my World War II military inspired outfit.

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Class, Lunch, and a Snow fall

I left my house with the impression that the day was going to be sunny, and lovely. After class I head out to see none other than clouds and copious amounts of snow fall. I ran across campus to meet a friend for a lunch date trying to evade the snow flakes from ruining my hair and wetting my wedges!Image

I had a great time on my date, lunch followed by a stroll around the mall dressed in this cute little vintage get up.

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Art prof

jan 121After class today, I went out on a dessert date with a friend, and dinner with my big sister. I was told I looked like an art professor!

From the bottom up, Steve Madden combat boots ($60), floral leggings from Wal Mart ($7), a silk priest collar shirt I stole from my brother’s closet, a studded belt from primark (1Ā£), a thrifted green blazer – Laura Petit branded ($6).

jan 128A close up of my accessories. This amber bead necklace is authentic vintage piece that used to belong to my grandmother. Its from Lebanon. My earrings are diamond carved wood, fromĀ GoodWood NYC, I love the brand.

Ciao bellas y bellos x

Big Birthday!

Please accept my apologies guys and dolls! I have been backed up with school and haven’t gotten the chance to write on here. I have a few posts on the way, just be patient with me please!

My uncle celebrated his birthday recently, and we threw him a surprise brunch!

The birthday boy

The birthday boy

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