Be a Unicorn

A night out on the town, in the later parts of summer here in Toronto means I need to take advantage before it gets too chilly. sit-2

Except it has already begun to cool down by nightfall. I put a summer outfit together with (or for) all the elements; a lace top, wool plaid shorts and loafers with side cut outs.bright-standing

The vintage top and wool shorts were found in Value Village very long ago, I believe for $6 each. My mother came across the fakelite (who knows…it may well be real bakelite!) at Value Village more recently for $10. I absolutely love this belt from Ferragamo, its double sided, so I can wear it black, or green – 2 belts in one! This outfit called for green of course.

shoes-2 These open panel brogues from Iron Fist are no longer in stock. I got them on sale recently for $17. They’re covered in happy unicorns, a huge silk bow, and the side panels are cut out for some breathing room.

Overall, JUST enough to cover me up and enjoy the summer afternoon, but stay warm in the cool evening. laughing

Cheers to late nights filled with friends and laughter xx


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